Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pact of Umar

I thought I would quote the Pact of Umar to demonstrate the type of persecution that Syriac Christians endured at the hands of Muslims.

The pact of Umar was signed by Christians during the Islamic Invasion so that Christians may enjoy certain degrees of religious freedom. It reminds me much of the early Christians.

My comments are in Red and Bold
In the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate [A very syriac invocation "Bshem Alloho Rahimo"]. This is a letter to the servant of God Umar [ibn al-Khattab], Commander of the Faithful, from the Christians of such-and-such a city. When you came against us, we asked you for safe-conduct (aman) for ourselves, our descendants, our property, and the people of our community, and we undertook the following obligations toward you:

We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks' cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.

We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.

We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy, nor bide him from the Muslims.

We shall not teach the Qur'an to our children.

We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it[Interestingly enough, people may still convert on their own basis]. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.

We shall show respect toward the Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.

We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments, the qalansuwa, the turban, footwear, or the parting of the hair. We shall not speak as they do, nor shall we adopt their kunyas[I thought the Muslims resembled us?].

We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our- persons.

We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals[I wish this was still the case, except we ended up learning Arabic and forgetting Syriac].

We shall not sell fermented drinks.

We shall clip the fronts of our heads.

We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall bind the zunar round our waists[the Zunar, is a belt that is still worn by Priests. It resembles chastity, this may have been imposed as a distinction between Christians and Muslims].

We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. We shall use only clappers in our churches very softly. We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. We shall not show lights on any of the roads of the Muslims or in their markets. We shall not bury our dead near the Muslims.

We shall not take slaves who have been allotted to Muslims

We shall not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims.


Pray for the conversion of Muslims

Through the prayers of the Birth-Giver of God Maryam and Mor Ephrem. God Bless you.

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  1. Mohametanism is the work of the devil.

    May it be crushed by the hand of God, and may the poor souls ensnared by its errors be brought to the light of Christ.