Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Syriac Churches and Our Lady

Schlom Lech Maryam!!

The Syriac Churches have always paid "Yoldath Aloho, Maryam" (the Birth-Giver of God, Mary) the highest respect and honour amongst the Saints and Angels.

St Ephrem the Syrian was using terms like "Mary is the vessel of salvation and Christ is the captain", "Immaculate", "Queen of the World", "Mediatress of peace" and "spotless". Long before Latin Marian Saints such as St Alphonsus Liguori and St Louis de Montfort were ever even born.

"Most holy Lady, Mother of God, alone most pure in soul and body, alone exceeding all perfection of purity . . . alone made in thy entirety the home of all the graces of the Most Holy Spirit, and hence exceeding beyond all compare even the angelic virtues in purity and sanctity of soul and body . . . my Lady most holy, all-pure, all-immaculate, all-stainless, all-undefiled, all-incorrupt, all-inviolate spotless robe of Him Who clothes Himself with light as with a garment . . . flower unfading, purple woven by God, alone most immaculate." - St Ephrem

I leave you with a beautiful rendition of the Angelic Salutation

The first is the way it is said by the Syriac Catholic/Orthodox Church. And the second is the way it is said by the Syro-Maronite Church. The Syro-Maronite Version is often said in the Syriac Catholic Church though.

Through the prayers of the Birth-Giver of God Maryam and St Ephrem, God Bless you all.

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