Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Co-redemtrix and Churches of the Syriac-East

In Michael Voris' recent video, he speaks about the title of co-redemtrix for the Birth-Giver of God Maryam, he claims that Pope Francis may declare this as a dogma. He then goes on to speak about how orthodox Catholics are generally in favour of this, while the more liberal crowd are not.
I will like to suggest that, as a small o orthodox Catholic and as a capital O Orthodox Catholic in Communion with Rome that this generalisation is not true for at least myself. For the reasons explained below:

There is no debate regarding the dogma itself
Voris claims that there is a debate regarding whether this title should be dogmatised, however, this debate is not one of a theological nature, but rather, of a practical nature. That is, whether the dogma is needed to be dogmatised in the first place. The Pope of Rome generally practices his synodal Primacy when there is conflict (as in the Acts of the Apostles). Here, there is no theological conflict between those who want to define co-redemtrix and those who do not. Both sides believe in the theological title (when it is fully explained).

The use of Latin Theological Language
As Eastern Christians in Communion with Rome, we believe in the dogmas of the Theotokos, Assumption, Perpetual Virginity and Finally the Immaculate Conception. However the problem with the Immaculate Conception (and to a lesser extent the Assumption) is that it was written from a Latin theological perspective and may be interpreted from the East in a heterodox fashion (as it assumes a Latin understanding of Original Sin where ancessestorial guilt is emphasised more than the consequences of sin ).

The reason for this is the use of Latin Theological Language and the current Roman practice of not recognising that there exists a few other great Patristic Traditions within Christendom (those of the Syriac, Coptic and Greek Traditions).

The very title itself "co"-redemtrix is derived from a Latin word and can be confusing. Co does not mean on the same level as Our Lord, but in cooperation (that is, a subordinate level). For those who live in a different cultural sphere than the West, this language can be quite confusing.

I realise that Michael Voris' main issue with those who do not want this title to be dogmatised are those who are in favour of Ecumenism with the Protestants. But how about Ecumenism with those who are our Apostolic Orthodox Brethren? We are just starting to solve the problems associated with the language of the Immaculate Conception. And the dogmatisation of co-redemtrix could potentially push Orthodox-Catholic unity further away.

Through the Birth-Giver of God Maryam, and Mor Ephrem. God Bless you All.

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