Monday, 16 December 2013

Madrosho of St Ephrem on St John the Baptist

Brethren turn your ears and hear with discernment, the reputation of John, the key which opened two doors in the day of his birth: the mouth of his father and the womb of his mother. The angel sealed his mouth, and no human open the seal until John came to life and opened it upon his birth

In the Altar, the angel came down and declared to your father; as the branch of olive, was brought to Noah by the dove; I am coming to you bearing good news to your birth giver. Your name in secret I made known to him and said: John his name must be called, for his parents will live for to give him birth and bring him up.

The shining of the angels again John you became and for this your Lord named you the messenger of his words; a spiritual name was anticipated and enunciated to you and He sent you before his glorious Son, with the stars, angels, Mages and shepherds; a voice came to us by the one who was born from Mary.

The desert was beloved to you, because no sin in it; the desert is separate and distant from all evils. Therefore in the desert your soul resided to not hinder you the sins of the world; even not the food of the world your mouth ate. Honey and Locust became your nourishment o righteous.

Phenqito of the Syrian Catholic Church: Vol II, The Birth of John the Baptist , (Madrosho of St Ephrem the doctor of the Church)

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