Sunday, 4 May 2014

Holy Synod of Syriac Catholic Church

His Beatitude Moran Mor Ignatius Joseph III Younan has officially began proceedings for a meeting of the Holy Synod of the Syriac Catholic Church to elect a new Bishop of Homs.

His Beatitude and all the Syriac Synod are currently in Rome for celebration of the declaration of the sainthood of John Paul II and John XXIII.

These events, however, raise several questions:

Firstly, what is the meaning of all Bishops of our synod to be present at the canonisation? The Syriac Catholic Church is already poor. Is it worth the resources to send every single member of our Synod to Rome so as to attend the canonisation?

Secondly, will the Patriarch raise the issue of Flavianus Michael Malki and his canonisation to the Pope?

I pray that the Patriarch and his synod make the correct decisions in electing the Bishop of Homs.

Through the Birth-Giver of God Maryam and Mor Ephrem. God Bless you all.

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