Wednesday, 23 July 2014

We are the orginal inhabitants of Mosul - Interview with Iraqi Christians

An interview of what happened in Mosul. I can confirm that the accent of this woman is the Christian Maslawi Arabic accent. Below is a rough translation:

Interviewer: Your name:

Woman: Nadia Younan

Interviewer: How are you?

Nadia: Thank God, we are living by Jesus the Messiah

Interviewer: Tell us, what do you have? how did you leave Mosul? Why did you leave? How did you leave?

Nadia: We left because of our happiness and left for a holiday [sarcasm] we left at 7AM and they wanted to inspect us at the way of the fountains. They wanted to check what we had. What we had with us was 2 million. We stayed at home for 2 months, because the banks are closed and they're not giving Christians their salaries, this is all we had. We wrapped it, me and my sister, my brother is disabled as he had copped it from the Iranian military. The terrorist told me 'take of your clothes, is it true that you're not carrying money?' the terrorist put his hand in my brother's pocket and took some money. The terrorist then said, come down you and your sister, he asked me 'Where is the money?' I told him 'it is a few dinars so that we can eat and drink with it, would you permit this to your family?'. The terrorist said 'Go!, go to your Priests and your people the Christians, they will feed and protect you now. We respected you in the beginning but now you don't deserve respect' I told him 'what did we do to you' the terrorist then said 'In the beginning we stood by you, we stood by your churches but now you don't deserve respect' I told him 'I thank you for that, but now, but now...'

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pope Francis and the scandalous betrayal of Iraqi Christians

Is it perhaps the most scandalous betrayal of the West towards the East? While Christians are being executed, rapped and driven out from their ancestral homelands in Mosul-Ninveh. His Holiness Pope Francis chooses to pander to Islamists.

I myself as a Syriac Christian from Iraq feel abandoned by the Holy Father. Inter-religious dialogue, pandering and claiming that Islam is a "religion of peace" will NOT help. As a Pope who has gained secular popularity, His Holiness has a duty to speak out. Yet, he has not. He has not come out harshly against the recent atrocities in Iraq, and most importantly against Islam.

Please pray for Iraq, pray for the Ninveh plains.

Through the Birth-Giver of God Maryam and Mor Ephrem, God Bless you all.