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We are the orginal inhabitants of Mosul - Interview with Iraqi Christians

An interview of what happened in Mosul. I can confirm that the accent of this woman is the Christian Maslawi Arabic accent. Below is a rough translation:

Interviewer: Your name:

Woman: Nadia Younan

Interviewer: How are you?

Nadia: Thank God, we are living by Jesus the Messiah

Interviewer: Tell us, what do you have? how did you leave Mosul? Why did you leave? How did you leave?

Nadia: We left because of our happiness and left for a holiday [sarcasm] we left at 7AM and they wanted to inspect us at the way of the fountains. They wanted to check what we had. What we had with us was 2 million. We stayed at home for 2 months, because the banks are closed and they're not giving Christians their salaries, this is all we had. We wrapped it, me and my sister, my brother is disabled as he had copped it from the Iranian military. The terrorist told me 'take of your clothes, is it true that you're not carrying money?' the terrorist put his hand in my brother's pocket and took some money. The terrorist then said, come down you and your sister, he asked me 'Where is the money?' I told him 'it is a few dinars so that we can eat and drink with it, would you permit this to your family?'. The terrorist said 'Go!, go to your Priests and your people the Christians, they will feed and protect you now. We respected you in the beginning but now you don't deserve respect' I told him 'what did we do to you' the terrorist then said 'In the beginning we stood by you, we stood by your churches but now you don't deserve respect' I told him 'I thank you for that, but now, but now...'

Man [interjecting]: Now they've burnt the Churches.

Nadia: I didn't know of this, so I didn't tell them.

Interviewer: If you just permit me. You, you are from Mosul. Of course, you are the original inhabitants of Mosul.

Nadia: Of course, the original, father to grandfather.

Interviewer: in this case, they expelled you from your true land.

Nadia: They expelled us from our true land. they said 'go this is not your land', they said 'go to your Priests and your Christian people, they will feed you and give you houses'. He then said 'take of your clothes and give me your money, otherwise I will put a bullet in you and your sisters head, but not before I put a bullet in your brother's head'. Then my sick mother got up, the terrorist said 'is there anything under her? Gold?' I told him 'Look!, whatever we had you took! Do you permit us to be naked on the street? Would you permit your mother and sister to take off their clothes? while you claim you are Muslim? Didn't you just say that we are Muslim we do not touch women? I told him now that you will disgrace us while you say you do not touch women?

Interviewer: Sorry, your name? You're her brother? what's your name?

Man: Faris Younan

Interviewer: What did you feel in details. You are the original inhabitants of Mosul? why did they want you to leave?

Faris: They gave us a warning. They gave us a warning for a few hours. Is there anyone who gives a 10 hour warning.

Interviewer: But they say on the websites and internet that they gave you 3 days.

Faris and Nadia: No, no way.

Faris: The afternoon of Friday they announced in the Mosques. 12 O Clock on Saturday, 'Any Christian who remains will be destroyed'.

Nadia: Sir, we did not hear it, on the afternoon of Friday. And in the radio we did not hear it. We got a phone in the evening, from some Christians saying 'Go leave! do you worship the house? is the house more important than you?'. We turned on the TV and saw the attack on the Christians. We got up on Saturday and he [the brother] asked his Muslim friends, they said 'don't carry anything (plates, eating materials, clothes) because they [the terrorists] have thrown everything away'.

Faris: We then carried the essentials, a small amount in our pockets. They stole. They stole the mobiles, they stole the diabetes machine, they stole the blood pressure machine, they did not leave us anything!

Nadia: Sir, they told me 'Back in the car, what is there?' I told him' look. There is a plastic bag that has bread that has gone off, it has tomatoes and has two containers of meat as we may not be able to find someone to help us and need to help my mother who is sick, otherwise she will fall and a plastic bag that has her medicine and the medicine of my brother the rest of the medicine is at our house' he then said 'which house? the one that has become the property of the Islamic state?' my brother then gave him the keys to the house and said 'congratulations, it now belongs to the Islamic state'.  I then told them, 'the house is able to be lived in I don't care who goes in it, I don't care if they are Muslim. But it is not worth burning it down' the terrorist then said 'we are not under you', I then said 'there are essentials in the house oil and rice'.

Interviewer: You are now loved at Mar Mattai monastery and hopefully in the future loved in general. At the moment who do you wish to talk to? to make requests to?

Nadia: I don't want to talk to anyone except the Lord, I don't want to request from any human except for the Lord who created me. Jesus. He knows what he is doing. And I request from His Mother, His Mother, His great mother, that helped us!. His Mother and my Lord. I request from my Church. My Church will feed me. And my Church will bury my parents. My mother yesterday was at the face of death. The terrorist told me that my mother is vomiting that she has an accident in her pants. I then told him. Do you accept that this happens to your own mother? You say that you are Muslim and that we are kafirs. How do you accept this? You say that you know God? Then one of the terrorists stood up (who had slightly better manners) he gave me a symbol to get into the car before they kill you. Another Christian family was also shouting in the background, they then took the mother into the caravan. My brother said 'just be quite we don't want you to be in the caravan, I would rather we die together'. This is our life that we lived it. Every couple of years, the Christians cop it in Iraq and we say 'it's gone'. My brother served 10 years in the Iran war, and died. My sister works and I stopped working because of my mother. What is this suffering? how did the Christian hurt you? like the Lord Said "you put my sheep amongst wolfs" What have we done? what have the Christians done?

Interview: Your name please?

Man: Sinan Mwafaq

Interviewer: Tell us, how did you leave Mosul? Why did you leave? How did you leave?

Sinan: we left 2 days ago, we left in the morning about 8:30, we left via the way of the fountain. Then a few men stood by and said give us everything. Give us your mobiles, laptops everything. Gold everything. I gave my gold, my ring, my cross. Even the 2 million dinars in my car. In the end he also said give me the car. He told me we are against Muslims, he said that we gave your Priests appointment and they didn't come.

Interviewer: From your talking with these people did you manage to see where they are from? Did they have a Mosul accent?

Sinan: They were from Afghanistan, some of them from Lebanon, from all over the place. Some didn't even speak Arabic. All the threats were made with guns. He had a gun over my head and took my ID, my marriage contract. Everything. Money, 2 Million. My Car was about brand new. It cost about $2,000. No one stands with us. Why do we have to suffer? What did we do? we served Mosul.

Interviewer: Where are you from (in Mosul) and where did you go?

Sinan: We are from 'Hay il Sukar' we then came to Mar Mattai Monastery, and thank God they have provided everything. But at home, they took everything. They wrote 'the property of the Islamic State'.

Interviewer: My brother you speak of your plights. But how about your family's plight? how about your Job?

Sinan: My job all gone, my family is all sitting here. I don't know my future, I don't know anything. No help has reached.

Interviewer: In your opinion who is responsible?

Sinan: In my opinion it is the Iraqi Government's fault. How did these people enter? how did they bring down the government? How did they enter?

Interviewer: Who do you wish to send your voice today?

Sinan: To other countries, to please remember us, please think of the Iraqi Christians.

Interviewer: In your opinion are is there anyone in Iraqi who can stand up for you?

Sinan: No, I mean it is all talk. Who is going to support me? I am recently married and have lost my money, car and gold. Where do I go? No ID, no salaries. Look at us, we are young. Without Jobs, without work.

Interviewer: Is there anything you wish to add?

Sinan: I just wish to request from people in the outside. Whether they be in Canada or Australia, that have pity on us.[interview screening suddenly stopped]

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