Thursday, 7 August 2014

ISIS are simply Muslims. Not only fundamentalist Muslim

Over the last several days we have heard of the atrocities committed by ISIS toward the Christians of Iraq. The slaughters, the forcible removal, the rape, the evil. But I say this to you my brothers and sisters. That this is not fundamentalist Islam. This is just Islam. What ISIS is doing is practising their Islamic faith to the letter. We must stop saying that 'Islam is a Religion of peace', we must stop saying that 'most Muslims are peaceful'. These are politically correct innuendos. They are incorrect and are false. Our Lord tells us to always speak the truth.

My proof? Islamic History and what is being done to a minority group called the Yezidis.

Islamic history is filled with persecution of Christians. These three options which just have been presented to Christians of Iraq and Syria are not new: Convert, die, or pay the Jiziya tax. I have also recently spoke to you all about the infamous Pact of Umar. In summary, history shows the persecution of Christians by Mohametans is recurring, consistent and persistent.

My grandmother, tells me stories of how Mohametans are brought up to 'hate the Nasara[Nazerenes]'. She also tells me stories of when she was a child, and how she was harassed several times by other kids for being a Christian.

Now, to my second reason why ISIS is simply following Islam is to look at the treatment of the Yezidis. While ISIS gave us Christians (People of book as they like to call us) three options: Convert, die or pay jiziya. For the Yezidis (whom aren't people of the book) they did not give any of these options. But simply murdered them then and there.

I would like to send out a message to all Muslims out there. That GOD has created all in his image. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Yezidis, EVERYONE. EVERYONE is created in the Image and likeness of GOD. And it is GOD who is responsible for judging NOT YOU. What you (or followers of your religion) have committed against Yezidis and Christians are not acts deserving to creations which have been made in the image of the Creator himself. Nevertheless I will leave this judgement to the almighty. Because he is just, he is merciful and he is all-loving.

Through the Birth-Giver of God Maryam and Mor Ephrem. May God Bless you All.

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